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  • Dr. Pinto and Colleagues in Madrid
    Dr. Pinto and Colleagues in Madrid
  • Dr. Thiyaphat Laohawetwanit
    Dr. Thiyaphat Laohawetwanit 2020 Gordon Signy Fellow

Trustees and Officers of the Foundation Elected

At its meeting on December 12th, 2019, the Board of Trustees of the World Pathology Foundation elected the following trustees to terms stated below:

Roberto Verna, Italy                         2-year term (expires December 2021)

Lai Meng Looi, Malaysia                  3-year term (expires December 2022)

Roberto Ruiz-Arenas, Mexico          3-year term (expires December 2022)

Henry Travers, United States            1-year term (expires December 2020)

Mariano Bizzarri, Italy                        1-year term (expires December 2020)

Catherine Hayward, Canada              2-year term (expires December 2021)

Walter Alallon, Uruguay                      3-year term (expires December 2022)

In addition, the Trustees elected the following officers to one-year terms:

Roberto Verna, President

Lai Meng Looi, First Vice-president

Roberto Ruiz-Arenas, Second Vice-president

Henry Travers, Secretary Treasurer