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    Dr. Pinto and Colleagues in Madrid
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WASPaLM Policies

World Congress Planning and Execution

  1. A World Congress shall be held biannually and its general location (country and city) will be determined five years in advance. The Bureau will assist the Host Society in preparations for the Congress.
    1. The Bureau together with the Host Society will decide on the exact date of the Congress and its venue.
    2. The relationship between WASPaLM and the Host Society with respect to the World Congress will be specified in a formal contract between the two organizations. The Secretary-Treasurer will assure that the contract is signed within 180 days of agreeing on the date and venue.
    3. Any additional obligations, including indemnification of the Host Society, must be presented to the Bureau for specific approval
  2. No later than 4 years prior to a World Congress, the host society will have designated an individual responsible for organizing the Congress (e.g. Secretary-general, President, or other designation)
    1. The individual responsible for organizing the Congress will formally contact the President of WASPaLM to discuss (a) the formation of the organizing committee; (b) the content of the scientific program; (c) the meeting needs of WASPaLM; (d) the social program; (e) the formal contract between the host society and WASPaLM; and (f) any other matters related to the World Congress.
    2. The President of WASPaLM, in addition to encouraging the participation of scientists of member Societies, will also encourage the organizers to include Bureau and House of Representative members in the content of the scientific program.
    3. The President of WASPaLM will encourage the Congress sponsors to explore possibility of joint symposia with other organizations.
    4. The WASPaLM President and the responsible individual for organizing the Congress will together decide whether a site visit by the WASPaLM President or other designated Bureau member is required. If so, expenses for the visit will be paid by the host society.
    5. Progress toward the Congress will be reported semiannually to the Bureau by the President or designee.
  3. The proposed scientific and social programme of the Congress will be presented to the Bureau twice. The first presentation will be at three or two years, and the second presentation at one year before the Congress.
    1. One of these presentations maybe by conference call, and one must be in person. The Bureau shall be provided with informational materials in respect to the scientific and other aspects of the program in advance of the Bureau meeting. The costs of travel and housing shall be borne by the Host Society.
    2. The presenter will be the President of the Host Society or the Secretary General of the World Congress or Designee.
    3. The Bureau shall advise the Host Society as to the content of the scientific programme and the nature of the social programme. The scientific participation of Bureau members and House of Representatives members will be encouraged. The Bureau will approve the arrangements for the Gala Dinner and Auction and other parts of the social program, and the Host Society will modify the social program to meet the requirements of the Bureau.
    4. The Congress Programme and Announcement shall feature the World Pathology Foundation Dinner and Auction, together with a description of the Gordon Signy Fellowship Programme.
    5. A solicitation for auction items (valued at no less than 50USD) shall be made to all members of the House of Representatives, and be posted on the Congress website.
    6. The Bureau will approve for publishing the Second Announcement and the Final Program of the Congress.
    7. The names of the Bureau Members will be listed as the “International Advisory Board” on the first page (not the cover) of the Congress announcement and programme book.
    8. The WASPaLM logo shall be featured on the Programme, at the Congress, and on certificates of attendance.
    9. No registration fee will be charged to Bureau members or their accompanying persons for the Congress. Bureau members will be responsible for travel expenses, hotel, meals and any ancillary expenses, including the Gala Dinner and Auction.
  4. The Host Society shall provide at no fee basis booth space.
    1. to the Host Societies of the two World Congresses to follow
    2. to the World Pathology Foundation
  5. Continuing Medical Education Credits:
    1. At the one year before Congress point when the nature of the Congress, including topics and most speakers will be known, the Host Society will work with Bureau members from central Europe, the United Kingdom and North America to achieve regional accreditation of the Congress for continuing medical education credits for physician attendees.
  6. Within 90 days following a World Congress a summary of the Congress shall be forwarded to the Bureau by the Host Society. The information shall include attendance data, extent of scientific activity, financial data (profit or loss), and other information as appropriate.