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Raslavicus Family Fund For Pathologist Education in Lithuania

The Raslavicus Family Fund, under the auspices of the Lithuanian Foundation, Inc., a USA charitable organization,  provides funding for pathologists practicing in Lithuania to attend national and international scientific meetings, such as those of the European Academy of Pathology, the International Academy of Pathology or the United-States and Canadian Academy of Pathology and others. The Fund also provides travel scholarships and subsidizes some living costs  for pathologists from Lithuania in order that they can participate in 4 to 8 week long topic specific clerkships, in academic centers in the United States.

The Fund also sponsors pathology specific seminars in Lithuania.  The latest such a program dealt with genomic topics in the diagnosis of breast, lung and colon cancer. As part of this effort the Fund expectst to  provide funds for travelling mentorships to pathologists, preferably of  Lithuanian ancestry, who work outside of Lithuania, to participate in these seminars,  or in  one to two week long tutorials in their area of expertise  at the Lithuanian National Pathology Center in Vilnius.

If you are a pathologist practicing or training in Lithuania and would like to be considered for a travel grant for educational purposes, or a pathologist of Lithuanian ancestry practicing in any part of the world but would like to have the opportunity to share your knowledge and special interests with your colleages in Lithuania please address your request to Arvydas Laurinavicius, MD. PhD., Director, Valstybinis Patologijos Centras, Santariskiu ligoniniu ir sveikatos kompleksas, Baublio gatve 5, Vilnius, Lithuania.