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  • 2017-8 Gordon Signy Fellow Dr. Ademola Adewoyin will study hematology at Duke University in the US
  • 2017-8 Gordon Signy Fellow Dr. Pedro Henrique Pinto to study hematology at Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria in Madrid

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The World Pathology Foundation is a charitable organization incorporated in the United States under the Internal Revenue Service tax code.  All donations to the World Pathology Foundation are deductable from income taxes in the United States and often quality for income tax deductions in other countries.  Direct donations, income from investments and income from a Silent Auction held at every World Congress of Pathology are the only sources of income to support Gordon-Signy Fellowships and other educational programs.  Please consider an annual donation to the World Pathology Foundation.




Thank you on behalf of the Gordon-Signy Fellows of the last more than 30 years.